The ANGAMC Award for Lifetime Achievement, now in its third edition, acknowledges the career and activity of a gallerist belonging the Italy’s National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries who over his/her career has shown special commitment to the sector, achieving widely recognized success at the artistic, human and commercial level.

The 2019 ANGAMC Award winner was announced on Saturday 2 February: gallerist Pasquale Ribuffo – who recently passed away – founder together with Franco Bartoli of the Galleria De’ Foscherari in Bologna.

The award ceremony was attended by Gianpiero Calzolari (BolognaFiere Chairman), Simone Menegoi (Arte Fiera Artistic Director) and Mauro Stefanini (ANGAMC Chairman), each of whom said a few words of greeting. This was followed by a presentation by Art Historian Pier Giovanni Castagnoli (Director of the GAM, Turin), who illustrated the career of the winning gallerist and his gallery. Mauro Stefanini presented the plaque to Pasquale Ribuffo’s daughter and son, Elena and Francesco Ribuffo, reading the motivation for the award: «In acknowledgement of the career of Pasquale Ribuffo, co-founder of Galleria De’ Foscherari, who from the early 1960s combined exemplary commitment and professional integrity, with a personal interest in affirmed artists and exhaustive research into contemporary trends».

«The history of contemporary art cannot be written» – Pier Giovanni Castagnoli underlined – «unless we also consider the history of the art galleries. Pasquale Ribuffo always believed in the potential of Arte Fiera, he and other colleagues engaging personally to ensure its safeguard».