Banca Mediolanum, one of the most innovative Italian online financial institutions, was established in 1997. At the beginning of the new millennium, the Mediolanum Group extended its reach to European markets.

The Group’s non-profit Mediolanum Foundation promotes charitable projects especially to assist children. Established in 2002, the Foundation has to date funded 309 projects in 39 countries. The Mediolanum Corporate University, Banca Mediolanum’s education institute was founded to uphold and pass on the Company’s values.

Following on from the “Padova Urban Gallery” project to regenerate a rundown neighbourhood of Padua with works and artistic installations, promoted and financed by Banca Mediolanum, the Bank founded by Ennio Doris has created an acquisition award at Arte Fiera to be assigned to a painting whose expressive language signals particularly interesting emerging trends.

The work selected by the jury will become part of Banca Mediolanum’s art collections.


  • Cecilia Canziani, independent curator, Rome
  • Gianluca Ranzi, independent curator, Milan
  • Stefano Pirrone, Wealth Advisor Banca Mediolanum
  • Maria Morganti, artist, Venice


The award has been won by Dopo la Tempesta, 2017 by artist  Nazarena Poli Maramotti -  A+B Gallery – a work grounded in the study and critique of the vast history of painting, reinterpreting this heritage as a laceration in its fragmentation as it moves forward in become other.