The twelfth edition of the Gruppo Euromobil Under 30 Award was addressed to Italian and foreign artists under the age of thirty whose works werw exhibited at Arte Fiera. The Prize has been assigned by a jury of experts and critics. The award has been presented during Arte Fiera on Saturday, February 3 at 4 pm at Printville Bookshop (Service Centre ground floor) and the winner was invited to ‘interact' with the Collections of the Gruppo Euromobil, main sponsor of Arte Fiera.


Now in its second edition, the ANGAMC Career Award is an acknowledgment to the story and activity of an affiliate gallerist member of ANGAMC who has shown a particular commitment to the role, achieving success from an artistic, human and commercial point of view.
In 2018, the award was presented to Milanese gallery Giorgio Marconi. The award ceremony has token place on Saturday, February 3, at 10.15 a.m. in Notturno Room (Service Centre, Block D, first floor), in the presence of Mauro Stefanini, ANGAMC President, Angela Vettese, Artistic Director of Arte Fiera, Marco Momoli, Exhibition Director of Arte Fiera and Bruno Corà, President of the Burri Foundation. 

#ContemporaryYoung AWARD

The #ContemporaryYoung prize was launched by Giovani Industriali in Bologna for the first time at Arte Fiera 2015. The initiative was open to all under 40 artists who will exhibit this year’s Art Fair, regardless of their expressive technique, and whose work related to the idea of doing and building. The work of the winner has been part of the Young Entrepreneurs collection of Confindustria Emilia. The goal was to create, over time, an artistic fund of the Association dedicated to young artists, conceived and intended to grow with Arte Fiera.


Centro Porsche Bologna, official dealer of the prestigious German car manufacturer, promoted a prize for Arte Fiera 2018, of which it is also Official Car, in support of contemporary art and values that promotes combining tradition and technological innovation in products of excellence in which an elegant aesthetic responds to the functionality of the object.
"The partnership of Arte Fiera with Centro Porsche Bologna", explained Angela Vettese, Artistic Director of Arte Fiera, "is expressed in a prize that combines, in art as in mechanics, the idea of excellence in making and the form that comes from an internal need for the function. An idea that is now classic but does not cease to influence both the works and the high-tech objects".
Among the exhibited artists at Arte Fiera 2018, Centro Porsche Bologna was looking for someone who has demonstrated a singular ability in creative "making" in a work with a unique aesthetic character capable of responding to a specific functionThe prize was a personal exhibition of the winning artist at the showroom of Centro Porsche Bologna.
The winner has been announced on Sunday 4 February, at 1.00 pm, at the Champagneria (Hall 26).


Art has been and is the first and most widespread global language, a system of constantly evolving signs that progressively talk to everyone all over the world. Today the art market is a real market, even if with its own rules. A path from the client, to the workshop, to the of mediation activity of the gallery, up to the current situation with a connected system of public collections, private collections, auctions and the activity of organized groups and investment funds.
The direction of the evolution is clear. The art market has evolved. Now we are witnessing an increase in availability of money that looks for and experiences all types of investment.
Above all, the globalization of the capital market influences the development of the market for the works of art.
It can be argued that for purchases made in the past price and value will tend to coincide, if the right choices have been made, just as in the purchase of securities on the stock exchange. It can therefore be said that the purchase of a work of art, considered as an investment, is comparable to a zero bond with an indefinite rate and potentially infinite maturity.
Following the thread of this thought, Consultinvest, one of the most dynamic Italian financial realities, supported a recognition to contemporary art in the occasion of Arte Fiera 2018 selecting the work of an emerging or recently rediscovered artist as the first work of his future collection.
The prize consisted of the purchase of the winning artwork for a maximum value of €10,000. 
The winner has been announced Saturday 3 February, at 1 pm, at the Champagneria (Hall 26). 


The seventh consecutive year of the Rotary Bologna Valle del Samoggia has gone to the most creative installation presented at ARTEFIERA 2018 to promote the diffusion of the culture of art especially among young people and to spread the principles of Rotaryon friendship and brotherhood among the nations.
Unchanged the finality, sprade the passion for contemporary art among young people and the principles of friendship and brotherhood, became more tightened the synergies with the Rotary International District 2072 Emilia Romagna and San Marino, with the Rotaract Bologna and with Libera Accademia degli Studi Caravaggeschi "Cardinal FrancescoMaria del Monte".

  • Award to Galleries - The qualified jury will awarded a particular work of contemporary art, or a special stand fitted out by a contemporary art gallery within the stand of ARTEFIERA.
  • Award to Artist - Financed by young people of Rotaract Bologna, combined with the Rotary's award, it consisted in a prize of money to the artist.
  • Special award “Andrea Sapone” - In memory of Andrea Sapone , one of the organizers of the event, prematurely disappeared, was assigned a special prize in money.

The award ceremony has token take place during Arte Fiera on Saturday, February 3rd at 6.00 p.m. in Notturno Room (Service Centre, Block D, first floor).