curated by Chiara Vecchiarelli


An emerging phenomenon on the international contemporary scene, the artist lecture is a performative work that uses devices such as the lecture, the guided tour and lessons as aesthetic media.
Today, artists use this tool in the same way as they harness traditional media like sculpture and painting, as a means of directly influencing knowledge and the way it is passed on. This new form of art appropriates a knowledge-transmission format first developed in the academic and teaching world to make use of it.
In an age in which art is once again considered as a form of knowledge, the artist lecture – in its different forms – becomes an opportunity to produce a new relationship between discourse and art practices. Knowledge itself becomes matter: matter to be rendered plastic and malleable.
The performance programme is articulated in two series: the Time Specific Artist Lectures, designed to inflect the relationship between past, present and future by creating and exploring resonances between artworks, and the Site Specific Artist Lectures, – performances linked to a specific location – that will enter into dialogue with the collections of the city's science museums, and the way knowledge is presented in the individual museum settings. 
The initiative offers the public not only an opportunity to acquire deeper knowledge of this form of art, which recognizes the dignity of both discourse and image equally, but it is also a chance to discover Bologna's patrimony of precious spaces, such as the Specola Museum, Palazzo Poggi, the Music Museum, the Capellini Geological Museum, the Anatomical Wax Model Museum and the Anatomical Theatre of the Archiginnasio that, along with the MAMBO and the pavilion of the Fair, will be brought to life by the participation of Gabriel Lester, Roberto Fassone, Olof Olsson, Chiara Fumai, David Bernstein, Giulio Squillacciotti, Walter Benjamin and Julie Béna.


(For more detailed information see the day-by-day on the general programme)



Grandma the Packrat (Nonna la disposofoba)
26.01 h. 6 pm / 27.01 h. 12 pm / 29.01 h. 12 pm Arte Fiera @Spazio Talk
guided tour, time specific performance (English only)
It's in the Air
28.01 h. 9 pm Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio Teatro Anatomico
piazza Galvani 1, lesson, site specific performance (English only)



I Did Not Say or Mean “Warning”
27.01 h. 4.15 pm  Arte Fiera @Spazio Talk
lecture, time specific performance
Chiara Fumai presenta Nico Fumai
28.01 h. 6 pm Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica
Strada Maggiore 34 - Auditorium, lecture, site specific performance



Billions of Times More
28.01 h. 16 / 29.01 h. 11 / 29.01 h. 15 Palazzo Poggi
via Zamboni 33, Museo della Specola - guided tour in cooperation with fermi Telescope (Michela Negro),



Celebrating 100 Years of Sanitary Porcelain in Contemporary Fine Art
28.01 h. 12.45 pm / 29.01 h. 5.30 pm  Arte Fiera @Spazio Talk
lecture, time specific performance
Some People Have a Body, but Some Really Don't
27.01 h. 11 am / 28.01 h. 5 pm Museo delle Cere Anatomiche “Luigi Cattaneo”
via Irnerio 48, lesson, site-specific performance (English only)



Fox with the Sound of Its Owl Shaking
27.01 h. 6 pm Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio / Teatro Anatomico
piazza Galvani 1, lectio magistralis, time specific performance



Palazzo Poggi's Tales (I racconti di Palazzo Poggi)
27.01 h. 4 pm / 28.01 h. 1 pm / 29.01 h. 5 pm Palazzo Poggi
via Zamboni 33, imaginary guided tour, site specific performance (English only)



Storia Gialla
28.01 h. 10 pm / 29.01 h. 6.30 pm Museo Geologico “ Giovanni Capellini”
via Zamboni 63, guided tour, site specific performance



The Unmaking of Art
28.01 h. 8 pm MAMbo, Museo di Arte Moderna di Bologna, Museo Morandi
via Don Minzoni 14, conference room, lecture, time specific performance