IN GALLERIA, a column devoted to private galleries, is an online location to meet and share. Here, Arte Fiera’s exhibitors can present the shows at their galleries – now being shown, just ended, or scheduled for the near future – with short introductory texts, a selection of images, and the ability to make direct contacts.

Launched at the start of the lockdown (the first column was posted on 17 March 2020), IN GALLERIA was created to maintain a focus on the work of galleries at a time when their spaces were not physically accessible, creating a digital showcase so that gallery owners could stay in contact with their public.

Once the emergency is over, the column has continued with a long-term mission: to offer all art lovers and Arte Fiera’s exhibitors a continuing platform for dialogue, encounter, and sharing.

The column is weekly: the galleries at Arte Fiera 2020 has been here every Tuesday, in the alphabetical order of the exhibitor catalogue, launching a new space for knowledge, analysis, and involvement.

Galleries published so far