Arte Fiera 2022 will offer rich and inclusive contents with some of the most interesting names on the contemporary Italian art scene. The public programme ranges among expressive genres and offers professionals and the general public a close-up look at the state of art in Italy.

In every edition since 2019 – the first year of Simone Menegoi’s mandate as artistic director – Arte Fiera has commissioned a well-known Italian artist to create a new, large- scale work to be presented to the public at the fair. The artist invited to Arte Fiera 2022 (following Flavio Favelli, Eva Marisaldi, and Stefano Arienti) is Liliana Moro (b. Milan, 1961). One of the most original Italian artists since the late 1980s, Moro is not easily classified: although she works with recurring subjects, expressive formulas and materials – from references to games to scale models, up to her recent ceramics – her 30 years of work resists all attempts at pigeon-holing, challenging viewers to face her works without prejudice.

To carry out her commission, Moro has chosen an unusual material, one that she has employed regularly since the late ‘90s: sound. Focussing on a section of the path that connects the North Entrance to the halls of Arte Fiera – three long corridors with moving walkways that are commonly found in airports and metros – Moro has conceived a sort of large sound sculpture, elaborated with her own voice, that visitors will experience as they move to and from the halls.

Oplà. Performing Activities, curated by Silvia Fanti (Xing ), now in its third edition, is internationally recognised for her interdisciplinary approach at contemporary cultures, with special attention to live arts, an expressive form that has characterised Bologna’s artistic scene since the 70s.

The programme 2022 presents a new series of performance activities, created for the occasion, by four personalities of the contemporary italian art scene:

  • Jacopo Benassi (b. 1970), photographer, artist, and performer, known for the rawness of his style, proposes Unisex, an activity in an unexpected space: the bathrooms in the fair’s Infopoint area. The artist will welcome guests in the common rooms of the bathrooms according to a new and inclusive exhibition practice based on live shooting and sound recording.
  • Invernomuto (Simone Bertuzzi, b. 1983, and Simone Trabucchi, b. 1982), presents Vernascacadabra, an immaterial sound performance that adds a new piece to the linguistic on vernacular that characterises their work. The activity takes place on the loudspeaker system in the halls, from which Invernomuto will broadcast a series of compositions for ocarina, announced and played throughout the day.
  • Muna Mussie (b. 1978), an Eritrean artist based in Bologna, presents Persona, an encounter between the artist and visitors, mediated by the practice of sewing in which language is a political-affective space: Mussie challenges visitors to have their worst defect embroidered on a piece of their clothing.
  • Luca Trevisani (b. 1979) presents his new Ai piedi del pane, at the crossroads of performing activity and metamorphic and organic sculpture: artworks to wear, shoes with soles of bread grafted onto pre-existing uppers, bas reliefs to take for a walk around Arte Fiera. An act of cultural archaeology that employs irony to challenge our hierarchy of material values.

The Talk section is a very important part of the public programme. In 2022, it will be renamed Book Talk and will focus exclusively on the presentation of recently-published books.

There will be many daily presentations throughout the three days of the fair. Here are a few highlights (the day-by-day programme will soon be available).

  • Liliana Moro, artist invited by Arte Fiera for the 2022 edition, presents the book Ascolto (Di Paolo Edizioni) in dialogue with the book’s curator Cecilia Casorati and gallerist Mario Pieroni. The book, published in 2021, focusses exclusively on the artist’s work with sound.
  • Gianfranco Maraniello, curator (with Alberto Salvadori and Vincenzo Trione) of the book Aria Italiana (Mousse Publishing, 2021) on the current scene in Italy, introduces the book along with Massimo Kaufmann,  one  of  the artists included,  engaging  in a game  of  chess on a multicoloured work/chessboard created by Kaufmann. This is the first public presentation of Aria ItalIana, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Marco Meneguzzo, curator of the Focus section, which is dedicated this year to the rational approaches to artistic creation from the ‘50s to the ‘70s, moderates a talk on the past, present, and possible future of kinetic and programmed art with Domenico Quaranta and Valentino Catricalà (authors of Sopravvivenza programmata. Etiche e pratiche di conservazione, dall’arte cinetica alla Net Art, Edizioni Kappabit, 2020), and Lucilla Meloni (author of Le ragioni del gruppo. Un percorso tra gruppi, collettivi, sigle, comunità nell'arte in Italia dal 1945 al 2000, Postmediabooks, 2020).
  • Laura Cherubini, curator of Focus in 2020, will talk with Andrea Viliani, Director and Curator of CRRI – Centro di Ricerca Castello di Rivoli, about his book Controcorrente. I grandi solitari dell'arte ital- iana. Alighiero Boetti, Gino De Dominicis, Luciano Fabro, Fabio Mauri, Vettor Pisani, Marisa Merz (Marinotti, 2020).