Oplà. Performing Activites
curated by Silvia Fanti/Xing

Muna Mussie - Persona
Luca Trevisani - Ai piedi del Pane
Jacopo Benassi - UNISEX 


In 2022, Arte Fiera has again enlivened by the performing activities of Oplà, the format conceived and curated by Silvia Fanti/Xing, presenting new commissions by four Italian artists.

"Working in contemporary art means creating occasions, contexts, and moments that no longer show “what art is” but instead “what art does.” Therefore, how did we respond to the request to bring Performance to an art fair without reducing it to decoration or simply feeling out of place?
Oplà places performances in a functional context, making it possible to participate in and share the work as it takes place. Rather than presenting individual, finished gestures with a fixed duration, the performance is understood as an activity: the construction of a series of micro-systems of creation, relation, service."
(Silvia Fanti)