The BMPS Collection Award is devoted to painting, a medium that in recent years has returned to centre stage for both critics and the public. A collision of tradition and innovation, of research for new forms of abstraction and elaboration of contemporary iconographies, 21st century painting is an exciting field of experimentation that gathers the challenges launched by new communication technologies as well as by questions of identity and social concerns.

The Award consists of the purchase of a work, chosen from the Pittura XXI section of Arte Fiera, for the BMPS Collection.

The BMPS Collection was created by an enthusiastic group of private art collectors who, about two years ago, decided to combine their collection of works (primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s) with a collection of paintings by young artists. With the consultation of experts, the collectors intend to form a large collection of works in order to promote and enhance the work of young artists by personally supporting projects and events involving these artists at institutional headquarters.

The BMPS Collection is represented by Stefano Pirrone, Wealth Advisor at Banca Mediolanum and partner in the collection. 


Stefano Pirrone - Wealth Advisor at Banca Mediolanum and collection partner
Maria Villa - Art Historian
Saverio Verini - Curator

Selected artists:

Winner: Max Frintrop

Title of winning work: Unlock Origin, 2021 (discover the work)
Winning gallery: Galleria A+B

Motivation: The jury decrees the winner of the "BMPS collection" award: Max Frintrop, represented by Galleria A+B, with the work entitled Unlock Origin, 2021
Frintrop’s painting is channelled in abstraction: an exploration which, by means of colour and gesture, evokes a dimension in which spatial references dissolve (without ever collapsing) and keep the composition in a state of vibrant balance.
The jury’s decision also considered the work’s destination, fostering continuity with the collection of Banca Mediolanum’s Padua branch, where it will be exhibited. 



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