ColophonArte Award

ColophonArte Award

The Colophonarte Award, created in 2023, is a look at young art by a major publisher of Italian art books. Open to artists under 40, of any nationality, whose works are presented at Arte Fiera, it allows the winner to conceive and publish an art book in an edition of 500 copies, plus a special more limited edition.

In view of the Award’s second edition (and in line with its subject: the art book), the aim is to focus the selection on the candidates’ ability to dialog between art and language. 

Colophonarte, a publisher of art books, was founded in Belluno in 1988. After 35 years, it boasts a catalogue of over 130 books created with the finest contemporary artists in Italy and Europe, who have interpreted poems, texts, music, and ideas from the world’s literature and culture.
Each book is a unique project, but all are linked by a consistent cultural idea, by a recognizable identity typical of Italian design, and by the precious contribution of master artisans, essential for the creation of such exquisite books. All of the books are published in limited editions, and are always signed and numbered, with texts composed in movable lead type, hand-printed on pure cotton paper, and artisanally bound.


Olga Gambari, curator, journalist, and art critic
Serena Carbone, art historian and curator
Enrico Camprini, curator


  • Thomas Berra (UNA Gallery, B84)
  • Zerha Doğan (Prometeo Gallery, B49)
  • Serena Vestrucci (Gallery Renata Fabbri, B36)

Winner: Zerha Doğan

Gallery: Prometeo Gallery, B49

Motivation: Zerha Doğan is a Kurdish artist and journalist. Her stroke includes the mark of the Middle East, a woman’s hand, and the expressive strength of color. In a protected and comfortable context, we speak about people who fight a daily battle for existence and choose art to do so. The artist’s choice has an aesthetic, symbolic, and political value.

Photogallery of the Award Ceremony