Righi Collection Award

Righi Collection Award

The aim of the Righi Collection Award is to acquire a work at Arte Fiera that will be added to the collections of MAMbo - Museo d’arte moderna e contemporanea di Bologna, with specific focus on the work of recent generations of Italian artists.

Currently consisting of over a thousand museum-size works, the Righi Collection, one of Italy’s largest private collections of contemporary art, was created to work actively with the public and the community. Over the past thirty years, it has supported the work of artists (and of galleries) as well as the needs of public institutions.
It has formed a partnership with Museion in Bolzano (which stores a number of the collection’s works) and has co-produced projects included in international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennial of Art and the Kassel documenta. The collection has also been the subject of exhibitions in museums and institutions such as the Collection Lambert in Avignone, Museion in Bolzano, Castello di Rivoli in Turin, Grand Palais in Paris, and Palazzo Fortuny in Venice.


Lorenzo Balbi, Director of Modern and Contemporary Art Area of 'Istituzione Bologna Musei
Andrea Viliani, Director of Museum of Civilizations
Bart van der Heide, Director of MUSEION

Winner: Sabrina Mezzaqui
Title of work: Punti di vista (Bologna), 1998, 300 postcards on five plexiglass panels, 160 x 60 cm each panel
Gallery: Gallery Massimo Minini, B4

Motivation: For Arte Fiera’s 50th anniversary, the jury for the Righi Collection Award wanted to select a work that was highly representative of the relationship between the Fair and the city, and between Bologna and its artistic community. Therefore, it chose Bolognese artist Sabrina Mezzacqui, with a work that was exhibited at the Galleria d’arte Moderna of Bologna in Spazio Aperto, one of the most important series affirming the role of public museums in Italy as promoters of an entire generation of Italian artists. In addition, the jury awarded the generosity of the Massimo Minini Gallery, which has participated in Arte Fiera for 50 years with important experimental works.

Photogallery of the Award Ceremony