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Exhibitors by alphabetical index


Nicola Pedana

Pad. 15 Stand D/45

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Nicola Pedana

The Nicola Pedana Contemporary Art Gallery (Caserta, Piazza Matteotti, 60) was founded in 2010 by Nicola Pedana, the creative director of the space. Research and innovation are the hallmarks of the gallery’s activities: young artists not yet established but known in contemporary art circles alternate with artists well known on the international art scene in order to promote works of art that have the potential to positively impact the art system. Since 2010, the gallery has held exhibitions of Shozo Shimamoto, Tino Stefanoni, Carla Accardi,Vanni Cuoghi, Donald Baechler, Paolo Bini, Aldo Mondino, Marco Gastini, Gianni Dessì, Pino Pinelli, Giorgio Griffa, Claudio Olivieri, Vittorio Messina, (Vincenzo Frattini - Viviana Valla), Matteo Montani, Ivano Troisi, Vincenzo Rusciano, Sabrina Casadei, Pietro Paolini. Apocalypse, group show, with the artistis (Antoni Abad,Vittorio Messina, Matteo Montani, Nunzio Di Stefano,Roberto Pugliese,Richard Garet. The gallery, in 2016, has launched a series


81100 Caserta (CE) Italy
Tel. 0823 322638; 392 6793401
Web: http://www.nicolapedana.com
E-mail: gallerianicolapedana@gmail.com


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Paolo Bini

Ivano Troisi

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Roberto Pugliese

Ivano Troisi