Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 15 Stand A/7

Gallery Directors

Tiziana Di Caro
Giuliana De Martino

Galleria Tiziana Di Caro opened in 2008 in Salerno, at one end of the Amalfitan Coast, in the spaces that was the theater of a 17th century patrician palace, with the aim to promote international artists of the latest generations, with specific attention to experimentation and research, encouraging stable and solid artistic practices, with a focus on artists who work across the new media. In addition to the group of artists of the latest generation the gallery started to work also with artists of a previous generation, whose work, over the years have been underestimated: Tomaso Binga, Betty Danon, Simona Weller. The gallery works in direct contact with artists or their estates, collaborating in establishing their archives and promoting the work through a regular program in the space in Palazzo De Sangro di Vietri, but also by supporting exhibitions in institutional spaces both in Italy and abroad.


80134 Napoli (NA) Italy
Tel. 081 5525526
Web: http://www.tizianadicaro.it
E-mail: info@tizianadicaro.it


Dettaglio n.6
Stanislao Di Giugno

Fuga n. 8
Stanislao Di Giugno

Fuga n. 12
Stanislao Di Giugno

Fuga n. 16
Stanislao Di Giugno

Fuga n. 17
Stanislao Di Giugno

Fuga n. 21 (nuvola)
Stanislao Di Giugno