Alessandro Bosetti – L’Ombra (Shadow)

fri 24, sat 25, sun 26 Jan 2020
11 am > 7 pm ongoing
Hall 18 - Area Talk

Production: Arte Fiera, curated and organized by: Xing


Sound performances in Flash Art Talk programme:  
fri 24 - live #1  1 PM - live #2  3.45 PM - live #3 6.30 PM
sat 25 - live #4 1.30 PM – live #5  3.30 PM – live #6  6 PM
sun 26 - live #7 12.15 PM – live #8 1.50 PM – live #9 3.30 PM 

A sound performance, a poetic reportage drawing on an expanding sound archive. Microphone in hand, Alessandro Bosetti collects and renders a body of vocal fragments recorded by moving among the fleeting mass of voices that populate the Fair for three days: visitors, exhibitors, technicians, artists.

Bosetti creates a shadow sound for each collected fragment and then sneaks into the programme with short vocal and performative renderings. In these brief monologues, placed in the interstices and intervals of the Arte Fiera Talks programme, the artist’s voice mingles with the recorded voices in a series of surreal spoken rings, like a drawing of a polyphonic and idiosyncratic map.

Questions and answers create shadows for one another, and the artist, whose intangible work is based on the musicality of language and of the voice, seeks reports on shadows in a place where they really shouldn’t exist.

Instant podcasts of performances at Arte Fiera are available on this page.

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Alessandro Bosetti (b. Milan, 1973, living in Marseille) is a composer and sound artist who, through multiple forms and fields, has expressed his passion for the sound of speech and for the voice understood as an independent object and expressive instrument. His works create a dialogue among language, voice, and sound within complex tonal and formal constructions, traversed by sly irony. Bosetti creates surprising pieces that question aesthetic categories and customary ways of listening. He has received commissions from the Festival D'Automne in Paris, Eclat Festival in Stuttgart, and Festival Les Musiques in Marseille, and from radios such as WDR Koeln, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Radio France, and France Musique. He has received numerous recognitions and awards, especially for his radio art work (Prix Palma Ars Acustica, Prix Phonurgia Nova, Hörspiel des Monats ARD, Prix Italia), and presented his work in important contexts including GRM/Presences Electroniques Festival in Paris, Roulette and The Stone in New York, Cafe OTO in London, Liquid Architecture Festival in Melbourne and Sydney, Museo Serralves in Porto, and the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. He has recorded (CDs and LPs) for labels such as Errant Bodies Press, Holidays Records, Rossbin, Sedimental, Unsounds, and Monotype, which released a 4-CD retrospective box set of his works in 2016.