PLAYLIST has been a digital project based on the concept of a “curated selection.” The word “playlist” commonly refers to a sequence of songs compiled by a DJ or by a musician; in this context we’ve chosen it to refer to a widespread format in contemporary culture – the “favourites list” – where the person proposing it attracts as much as its contents.

PLAYLIST has been multifaceted: it offers exhibits of modern and contemporary art proposed by galleries that participated in Arte Fiera 2020 (plus a few guests), as well as conversations, videos, books about art; art from the present and the past, fashion and design. Playlists are proposed not only by critics, curators, and artists, but also by a theatre director, a writer, an expert of children’s books, a fashion and art collector, etc.

PLAYLIST has been free and requires no registration. It is Arte Fiera’s gift to its vast audience – professionals and enthusiasts, newcomers and regulars – inviting them to mark on their calendar the days in late January on which the fair has been held for the last 40 years. After this unavoidable “year off,” Arte Fiera will welcome you once again in January 2022; until then, we invite you to create your programme with the dates in PLAYLIST’s five sections.