2020 Advisory Board

Arte Fiera is proud to announce the establishment of an Advisory Board of collectors who, beginning with the 2020 edition, will collaborate with the Artistic Direction by offering their knowledge of the modern and contemporary art scene, its players, and the art market.

The Board, composed of patrons whose activities in support of the arts are well known both in Italy and abroad, will consist of:

  • Barbara Maccaferri, Bologna (Chair)
  • Lidia Berlingieri, Rome
  • Alessandra Cerasi and Paolo Barillari, Rome
  • Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, Milan
  • Antonio Dalle Nogare, Bolzano
  • Giuseppe Iannaccone, Milan
  • Lorenzo Paini, Parma
  • Stefano and Raffaella Sciarretta, Rome

Arte Fiera thanks these Italian art collectors for offering to generously assist the Artistic Direction with their support, advice, and experience.