Instituted in 2017, this annual Award is assigned as decided by the Board of Directors. The first edition awarded Carla Pellegrini (Galleria Milano) “for her extraordinary artistic and cultural promotional activity conducted with Galleria Milano since 1964 and for her active participation in the Association since its foundation.”

In 2018, the award was assigned to Giorgio Marconi (Studio Marconi / Galleria Gió Marconi) “who since 1965, with his extraordinary work devoted to art and to the promotion of artists, has ennobled the precious profession of the gallery owner.” In 2019, the Award was assigned to the recently-deceased Pasquale Ribuffo (Galleria De’ Foscherari), “a person around whom the city of Bologna gathered and received the gratitude of the entire art community.”

The Award for the 2020 edition has been presented by Mauro Stefanini (Chairman of ANGAMC) in the presence of Arte Fiera’s executives. Bruno Corà (Chairman of the Burri Foundation) has talked about the career of the awarded owner and his gallery.

Long applause greeted the announcement of the winner of the ANGAMC Award, acknowledging Robert Casamonti, whose passion and dedication has brought Tornabuoni Art to the very centre of the art world and made him an ambassador for Italian culture around the world. The prize-giving ceremony was held on Saturday 25 in the Talk Area at Arte Fiera Bologna 2020, and was attended by Gianpiero Calzolari (President of BolognaFiere) and Simone Menegoi (Artistic Director of Arte Fiera). Following the address by Bruno Corà (Art historian and President of the Fondazione Burri), who outlined the story of Casamonti and his gallery, Mauro Stefanini (President of ANGAMC) presented the winner with a commemorative plaque.

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