Visual identity 2024

Visual identity 2024

As in 2023, the visual identity of the 2024 edition will be inspired by the tradition and shapes that have made Arte Fiera famous over the years.

The key elements are those that have always characterised the event: three main colours (red, black, and white), a modern typographic style, and the distinctive red circle



The essential idea for Arte Fiera 2024’s identity is simple and evocative: emphasising the fact that this is the only Italian fair with 50 years of activity, the iconic circle multiplies and spreads, rising and falling freely in space and forming constantly changing constellations, symbolising the many different dimensions of modern and contemporary art.

In addition, there will again be scripts, informal and personal notes added manually to the various communications.

All of these elements represent Arte Fiera and its values: tradition and innovation, consistency and vitality.

Arte Fiera’s visual identity is curated by Leftloft.