We all feel the need to pick up where we left off after so many months of restrictions and closure, after so many events cancelled or postponed. We know that a lot has changed and that much more will have to change, and hope that the future will reflect this change in one way or another.

We’d like the next edition of Arte Fiera – the first post-pandemic edition – to express this desire to get back to work, and at the same time we feel an urgent need for new ideas and perspectives. The next edition will feature all of the strong points confirmed in the last two years, plus a distinct emphasis on renewal.

Just as before, you’ll find us in Halls 15 and 18, devoted to contemporary research and to 20th century art, respectively, but the entrance will be different, so that you can choose which pavilion to see first.

You’ll find a completely renewed layout with much greater efficiency and elegance: an important and necessary change we made while closed due to the pandemic.

You’ll also find new and improved services for exhibitors and for the public.

Of course, you’ll find what you value most about Arte Fiera: three curated, invitation-only sections that focus on key areas defining the Fair: modern art and post-war masters, 21st century painting, and photography and video. There will be a careful selection of galleries, and every stand will give space to the poetics of individual artists. Our mission remains the same: be the reference point for Italian galleries and for 20th and 21st century Italian art

See you in Bologna in 2022. Save the date