The graphics for Arte Fiera 2022 has derived from two inspirations, both closely linked to the last year and a half. The first is the sudden centrality of an invisible and intangible universe – that of the virus – in our conversations, perception and lives. The paradox of seeing our future, as individuals and community, determined by something we can’t see, and the human reaction of trying to fill that sensory void with images. The other inspiration is the stronger-than-ever link that the pandemic has created with the digital world.

The project’s starting point was a number of images from the database of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States: images of some viruses, enlarged with an electron microscope.

Already uniquely beautiful, the images were then digitally processed with the use of various filters until they resembled abstract paintings. These sinuous lines, these areas of vivid and fraying colours, form the landscape of our present: physical and digital, concrete and intangible.

The graphic design is curated by doubledot studio di comunicazione.