Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index


de' Foscherari


Pad. 26 Stand B/5


Gallery Directors

Bernardo Bartoli
Elena Ribuffo
Francesco Ribuffo

De' Foscherari gallery was founded in 1962 with a programme that combined an interest in the masters of the early twentieth century such as Klee, Ernst, Grosz and Matta with an interest in Pop Art and artists such as Ceroli, Schifano Angeli, Fioroni and Pozzati. After its adhesion to the conceptual climate with exhibitions such as Arte Povera 1968 curated by Celant, Ghenos Eros Thanatos 1974 curated by Boatto and Le figure del tempo 1978 curated by Castagnoli, an ongoing association began with artists such as Calzolari, Zorio, Piacentino and Parmiggiani. There followed a timely moment of renewal reflecting the diverse experiences of the 1980s with Ontani, Manai,and Mainolfi. From 1964 to 1989, the catalogues produced featured theoretical debates involving major critics and art historians. In 2002, the gallery moved to Via Castiglione, operating under the aegis of openness and renewal, with artists such as Moro, Marisaldi, Sophie Ko but always with a gaze turned to the recent past.


Via Castiglione 2/b
40124 Bologna (BO) Italy
Tel. 051 221308
Web: http://www.defoscherari.com
E-mail: galleria@defoscherari.com


Pierpaolo Calzolari

Mario Ceroli

Luigi Mainolfi

Eva Marisaldi

Liliana Moro

Claudio Parmiggiani