Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index


Art D2 - modern and contemporary art


Pad. 26 Stand A/78


Gallery Directors

Riccardo Dabbrescia

Art D2 was founded in 2015, from the roots of a historic art gallery, by the will of two brothers that share the same passion for Art. We actually offer a large proposal of works of Italian and international modern and contemporary artists. Our deal is characterized by a close personal relationship with the collectors to meet their needs and desires. Besides proposing works of modern and contemporary art, we offer to collectors a lot of increasingly important facilities in the successful creation of an art collection as estimates, evaluations, authentications and archiving requests, technical and market reports, historic artistic analysis, valorization of the single work, shipping, insurance, conservation and restoration advice.


Via Aristide de Togni 23
20123 Milano (MI) Italy
Tel. +39 02 3944 0381
Web: http://www.artd2.com
E-mail: info@artd2.com


Domenico Gnoli