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Exhibitors by alphabetical index


Valmore studio d'arte

Pad. 18 Stand C/16

Gallery Directors

Carolina Bonollo
Monica Bonollo

Valmore Studio d'Arte was founded in 1995 by Valmore Zordan mooved by her passion for contemporary art in the second half of the twentieth century, expecially for those movements that radically changed the concept of work of art. The activity of the gallery brought to the attention of the market and the collectors important and significant italian and international artistic movements: historical groups of the ‘60s, op – kinetic and programmed art and analytical painting. Valmore studio d’arte supported artists working, in the natural continuation of programmed art, with the the most innovative technologies of their own period, and realizing interactive pieces of art, able to dialogue with the viewer. The main theme of Valmore studio d’arte is the relationship between art and science, and between art and new technologies. As oppose to this, the gallery over time has presented artists of the spatialism and historical visual poetry.


Contrà Porta S.Croce 14
36100 Vicenza (VI) Italy
Tel. 0444 881638
Web: http://www.valmore.art
E-mail: info@valmore.it


Quadrature du cercle 2
Joël Stein

Fotografia stroboscopica - Righe
Gruppo MID italiano

Oggetto Stroboscopico (StroBox) - matrice a cerchietti neri
Gruppo MID italiano

Triedre 16 éléments
Joël Stein

Hexagone en rouge et bleu
Joël Stein

Generatore di linee traccianti (TracingBox)
Gruppo MID italiano