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Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 26 Stand B/55

Gallery Directors

Emiliano Campaiola

Studio d'Arte Campaiola was founded in 1964 in Rome by Giuseppe Campaiola. The gallery's work is centered on italian art from the beginning to mid '900. During the past fifty years the gallery has arranged, curated and hosted exhibitions of the most significant italian painters of its period such as Capogrossi, CarrĂ , Clerici, de Chirico, Mafai, Morandi, Pascali, Schifano, Trombadori, Vedova. Currently the gallery on top of carrying on its work on historical authors, it is also representing to contemporary artists Massimo Catalani and Veronica Montanino.


Via Margutta 96
00187 Roma (RM) Italy
Tel. 06 85304622
Web: http://www.campaiola.it
E-mail: info@campaiola.it


Senza titolo
Emilio Vedova

Due particolari di paesaggio
Mario Schifano

Gente di strada
Pino Pascali

Superficie 521
Giuseppe Capogrossi