Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 26 Stand B/2

Gallery Directors

Giovanni Gariboldi

Galleria Gariboldi was founded in 1981 in Largo Richini in Milan. In 1998 Galleria Gariboldi became Studio Gariboldi, with headquarters in Corso Monforte 23. In the spaces of Palazzo Cicogna, Studio Gariboldi began researching the art of the 1950s, Informal painting and Milanese art movements including Spazialismo and Arte Nucleare. In 2012, Studio Gariboldi moved to the open space in Via Ventura 5, carrying out precise research work on the avant-garde movements present in Europe since the early 1960s. Anchored in the real values of Art History, it offers to the collectors a personal taste that goes together with the results of research, focusing on artistic quality and a precise and coherent style. In 2022, it opened a new space at 23 Corso Monforte, once again choosing the centre of Milan and the elective affinities with the elegance of Palazzo Cicogna. Studio Gariboldi put elite, demanding and knowledgeable Italian and international collectors back at the centre.


Corso Monforte 23
20122 Milano (MI) Italy
Tel. 02 21711378
Web: http://www.studiogariboldi.com
E-mail: posta@studiogariboldi.com


sul lato destro "Il colore mentre solleva la pietra, la pietra mentre solleva il colore" Giovanni Anselmo
Giovanni Anselmo

al centro "Nothing of phases #8" Nobuo Sekine
Nobuo Sekine

al centro "Compression" César

sul lato destro "Unghiate" Giuseppe Penone
Giuseppe Penone

a destra "Rosso" di Agostino Bonalumi
Agostino Bonalumi