Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 15 Stand D/17

Gallery Directors

Marco Canepa, Marco Neri, Paolo Neri

Founded in 2014 and directed by Marco Canepa, the C + N Canepaneri Gallery promotes international and Italian contemporary art, the director was later joined by members of the Neri family in the management of the Gallery. The Gallery currently represents several artists belonging to different cultures and experts in diverse artistic techniques and practices. Most of them have participated in some of the most important Art Fairs and events. With its two modern and ample locations, located in the historical center of Genoa, and in Brera the neighborhood of art, in Milan, the Gallery's activity carries on two parallel paths. On the one hand, it aims to promote the fundamental figures of the art between Fifties and Seventies and to rediscover ground-breaking artists of that period, such as Claudio Costa. On the other hand, the Gallery focuses on the discovery and enhancing of young Italian and international artists, giving them the chance to experiment and develop their practice.


20121 Milano (MI) Italy
Tel. +390236768281
Web: http://www.canepaneri.com
E-mail: info@canepaneri.com


90,300 km รจ la distanza dalla porta della mia casa a Milano all'affresco seicentesco di Paolo Pagano nella chiesa di Valsolda
Alberto Garutti

Senza titolo - (Trittico carta da parati)
Alberto Garutti

Piccolo spazio tra due poltrone e una sedia
Alberto Garutti