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Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 18 Stand B/19

Gallery Directors

Luca Barsi

Established by Pietro Barsi in 1969 in the very center of Turin, Galleria Accademia is specialized in Modern and Contemporary art. It offers beautiful, well selected paintings and sculptures by leading artists of informal and abstract Art from the second post-war period to today’s. Here you can find extraordinary works by Achille Perilli, of whom the gallery is certainly a reference point, and by the other exponents of the group "Forma 1" together with works by Alighiero Boetti, Mario Schifano, Mimmo Rotella, Joseph Albers and Hans Hartung. The gallery is today managed by Luca Barsi, Pietro’s son, who follows his father’s footsteps in selecting highly desiderable works, advising and mentoring customers in their choices. “A good knowledge of the art market is important but it is far from being enough to make a conscious purchase, much experience is needed to evaluate workart, observing the artists by different points of view: their life, the historical and cultural background"


10123 Torino (TO) Italy
Tel. +39 011 885408 +39 335 8024539
Web: http://www.galleriaaccademiatorino.it
E-mail: info@galleriaaccademiatorino.it


Grande spazio sincreto
Achille Perilli

Locus solus
Achille Perilli

Le ipotesi degli esperti
Achille Perilli

Palais du silence
Achille Perilli

A David rende visita Malevic
Achille Perilli

Il testimone perverso
Achille Perilli