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Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 15 Stand A/14

Gallery Directors

Niccolò Fano

Based in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo in Rome, Matèria opened its doors to the public in 2015. The gallery proposes an exhibition programme that touches upon all aspects of Contemporary Art. Since its founding, Matèria’s purpose has been the furthering and development of the work of its selected group of Artists. The gallery programme features four exhibitions per calendar year, conceived and produced directly with its artists and often in dialogue with the space through a site specific approach. Matèria’s gallery shows strive to further the research and experimentation aspects of artistic practice, with the results of this approach often showcased in a growing list of Italian and international art fairs.  Matèria represents the work of Fabio Barile, Giulia Marchi, Karen Knorr, Mario Cresci, Xiaoyi Chen, Giuseppe De Mattia, Marta Mancini, Stefano Canto and Eduardo Fonseca e Silva & Francisca Valador.


Via dei Latini, 27
00185 Roma (RM) Italy
Tel. +39 331 833 6692
Web: http://www.materiagallery.com
E-mail: contact@materiagallery.com


Senza titolo / Untitled
Marta Mancini

Senza titolo (Agosto) / Untitled (August)
Marta Mancini