Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 15 Stand F/5

Gallery Directors

Vincenzo Maccarone
Claudio Composti

Founded in 2009, Mc2gallery is a reference point for contemporary art, specializing in photography and its evolutionary phases, without neglecting other forms of art. The gallery promotes Italian and international artists, often collaborating with museums, foundations, institutional spaces. In 2018 Mc2gallery opened the head quarter in Montenegro.


21 Novembar 2A
85320 Tivat (Montenegro) / Milano (Italia) Mexico
Tel. +382 69 100 110
Web: http://www.mc2.gallery
E-mail: info@mc2.gallery


Opus reticulatum
Vittoria Gerardi

Old Studio - Sprezzatura I
Noè Sendas

Enjoy the moonlight
Yang Yongliang

One-off (6:30 pm)
Noè Sendas

Pompei walls
Vittoria Gerardi

Heavenly City 1
Noè Sendas