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Exhibitors by alphabetical index



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Gallery Directors

Davide Silva

Established in 2001, Artesilva Gallery has always been characterized by the strong passion and intuitiveness of its Founder, Davide Silva, which has been able from its very beginning to anticipate, more than follow only, all the trends and complexities of the market. Aimed to discover and propose very valid Artists, selected with care and rigor from the National and International scenario, the Gallery made of the dialogue with the Artist itself its primary strength: every exhibition project, solo show or fair event, has been and still gets realized basing on the continuous and mutual exchange of ideas. New proposals get continuously accepted, evaluated, discussed and rielaborate, pointing at the complete support of the Artists in both public and institutional actualities.


Via San Rocco 64/66
20831 Seregno (MB) Italy
Tel. +39 0362 285153
Web: http://www.artesilva.com
E-mail: info@artesilva.com


Gerold Miller


Set 164
Gerold Miller

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Gerold Miller

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Gerold Miller

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Gerold Miller

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Gerold Miller

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Gerold Miller