Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index


Cellar Contemporary


Pad. 25 Stand B/53

Gallery Directors

Davide Raffaelli
Camilla Nacci

Starting from a high connection with the established contemporary art gallery Studio d’Arte Raffaelli, Davide Raffaelli in collaboration with Camilla Nacci founded Cellar Contemporary, an art gallery promoting young visual art in his various aspects. It combines a space located in the old district of San Martino (Trento) with an online space, which reinvent the concept of art gallery through the coexistence of physical and virtual dimensions. Cellar Contemporary is also realizing exclusive external collaborations to create artist’s objects in limited edition. We believe that art can be one of every-day things, referring to a wide public.


Via San Martino 52
38122 Trento (TN) Italy
Tel. +39 0461 148 1271
Web: http://www.cellarcontemporary.com
E-mail: info@cellarcontemporary.com