Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 25 Stand B/3

Gallery Directors

Zani Paolo, Ciaccio Claudia

ZERO… was founded in 2000. The gallery aims to increase the international attention on Italian art. Beyond this, the collaboration with international artists should be seen as an important aspect of this research revolving around space, time, and human condition. This vision deals in a distinctive combination of painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, photography and video. Many of the artists are represented in important private and public collections.


Via Carlo Boncompagni, 44
20139 Milano (MI) Italy
Tel. 02 4537 3992
Web: http://www.galleriazero.it
E-mail: info@galleriazero.it


Irene Fenara

Nightshine (Pahokee)
Tommy Malekoff

Edison's Banyan
Tommy Malekoff

Edison Ghost
Tommy Malekoff

Sugarland Circle
Tommy Malekoff