Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index




Pad. 26 Stand A/14

Gallery Directors

Enzo Savoia

Ever since we began in 1986, we have never stopped cultivating art. Art is our passion, and 19th and 20th century Italian painting is our field of interest and study. With the same curiosity that distinguishes us from others, in more recent times we have also approached contemporary art with the "Lab/Contemporary" section. We love to share our knowledge of masterpieces by great artists and to discover hidden treasures with new clients, who are always guided by the competence and experience we have acquired in over thirty years of work. We also offer our advice to public and private institutions, as well as those who wish to create their own personal art collection. Our commercial activity is supplemented by a rich program of exhibitions, dedicated to artists and movements of the nineteenth and twentieth century in Italy, accompanied by catalogues edited by scholars in the sector. Over time we have earned the esteem and trust of Italian and foreign collectors, experts and conservator.


Via Alessandro Manzoni, 45
20121 Milano (MI) Italy
Tel. +39 02 359 5330
Web: http://www.bottegantica.com
E-mail: info@bottegantica.com


Venezia, Palazzo Ducale
Giorgio De Chirico

Ritratto maschile
Giulio Vito Musitelli

Angelo orante (Ritratto di Jeanne) Studio per l'affresco Mater Dolorosa (Chiesa di Semsales - CH)
Gino Severini

La fontana
Thayath (Ernesto Michahelles)

Il museo
Vinicio Paladini

La ninfa foglia secca
Julius Evola

Golfo di La Spezia
Renato Di Bosso

Grande pattinatrice
Giacomo Manz├╣

Mia madre
Umberto Boccioni

Dramma spaziale
Domenico Belli

Pittura solare (Testa)
Enrico Prampolini

Laghi e monti
Gerardo Dottori

Ecce Homo
Alberto Martini

Adolfo Wildt