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Pad. 25 Stand B/50

Gallery Directors

Giulia Biafore

Studio G7 is a contemporary art gallery founded by Ginevra Grigolo in 1973 in Bologna. In the ‘70, the shows about Pop Art were followed by an increasing interest in Performance, Conceptual Art, and Painting (Abramovic, Paolini, Guerzoni). From ‘77 to 1981 the gallery publishes the magazine G7 Studio. Since the '80, international artists entered the gallery (Poirier, Beckley, LeWitt, Erben, Tremlett, Nagasawa). In April 2017, Studio G7 celebrated its 44 years of activity with a retrospective at MAMbo, Bologna. Since August 2019, the activity continues under the direction of Giulia Biafore; through a direct collaboration with its artists, the gallery reinforces the existing relationships and introduces new artistic researches from the contemporary panorama. The gallery season is supported by several collaboration with public and private institutions.


Via Val D'Aposa 4/A
40123 Bologna (BO) Italy
Tel. +39 051 296 0371
Web: https://www.galleriastudiog7.it
E-mail: info@galleriastudiog7.it


2 of 2, Untitled #1 (Palermo)
Marilisa Cosello

Strada Stellare #21
Davide Tranchina