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Exhibitors by alphabetical index




Pad. 15 Stand B/15

Gallery Directors

Andrea Sirio Ortolani

Osart Gallery was founded in 2008 by Andrea Sirio Ortolani. Since its debut, Osart Gallery has focused on the Sixties and Seventies, exploring the leading figures and most innovative experiences belonging to this period. In that span, it has explored heterogeneous artistic movements which had marked out the history of Art, working closely with Institutions, Estates, and Archives. In the latest years, the gallery made significant research on the southern African contemporary art scene, with both group and solo presentations conceived with artists and curators. Among the latest exhibitions, notable group shows are African Textures (2019-2020), with works by Marlene Steyn, Jeanne Gaigher, and Kresiah Mukwazhi, and African Characters (2020), with a catalog text by Nicolas Ballario, and works by Kate Gottgens, Kudzanai-Violet Hwami, Neo Matloga, Richard Mudariki, Gareth Nyandoro, and solo show dedicated to Dan Halter, Jeanne Gaigher and Katharien De Villiers.


20129 Milano (MI) Italy
Tel. 02 5513826
Web: http://www.osartgallery.com
E-mail: info@osartgallery.com


Lavender II
Jeanne Gaighter

The Couch Must Match the Curtains
Katharien De Villiers

Between two trees
Jeanne Gaighter

The Judgement of Paris or Hera, Athena and Aphrodite
Katharien De Villiers

Your Instagram Muse
Katharien De Villiers

Can’t Touch This
Katharien De Villiers