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Exhibitors by alphabetical index




Pad. 25 Stand A/15

Gallery Directors

Umberto Di Marino
Maria di Niola

Umberto Di Marino Gallery opened to the public in 1994 in Giugliano in Campania (Naples). Since then the gallery immediately focuses its attention on the coexistence of an artistic language in a difficult periphery like the Neapolitan one. The first intention was to build a place of interest and participation, first for his own contacts and gradually for the whole community. In 2005 the gallery opened the new venue in the center of Naples, the program of which includes an alternation of exhibitions by young Italian and international artists. Over the years, Umberto Di Marino gallery has strengthened its research effort, concentrate upon an analysis of the relationship between architecture, nature, anthropology and alternative lifestyles. A careful consideration of the territory and the support of the local institutions have allowed the creation of numerous off-site exhibitions in historic places of Naples.


Via Monte di Dio, 9
80132 Napoli (NA) Italy
Tel. +39 081 1975 8060
Web: http://www.galleriaumbertodimarino.com
E-mail: info@galleriaumbertodimarino.com


About a new system
Eugenio Espinoza

Giardino abusivo
Eugenio Tibaldi

Peter Böhnisch

Self Portrait of the inner self 8
Carlos Amorales

Après soleil e Sop
Ana Manso

Alberto Tadiello

Luca Francesconi

Misty Forest 4 / Misty Forest 1 / Misty Forest 2
Sergio Vega