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Exhibitors by alphabetical index




Pad. 26 Stand B/16

Gallery Directors

Fabrizio Giraldi
Marco Giraldi
Dario Giraldi

The art gallery, founded in 1951, has its seat on the first floor of a nineteenth-century building which is located in “piazza della Repubblica” in the historical centre of Livorno. The Gallery activity has undertaken its main peculiarity towards the promotion of those artistic experimentations that, at the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century, were strongly hindered. Then it has turned to increase in value of such artists as Bonalumi, Campus, Corpora, Crippa, Dorazio, Dova, Guarneri, Marchegiani, Mondino, Pozzati, Reggiani, Santomaso, Scanavino, Schifano, Simeti, Turcato. From the beginning this activity has joined to the shapring of “collecting”, involving people in the fruition of the artistic product considered as a cultural and economic investment and including artists of national and international fame.


Piazza della Repubblica 59
57123 Livorno (LI) Italy
Tel. 0586 883022
Web: http://www.galleriagiraldi.it
E-mail: info@galleriagiraldi.it


“Pittura GR”
Pino Pinelli

“Pittura GR”
Pino Pinelli

"Pittura BL.R.G."
Pino Pinelli

"Pittura R"
Pino Pinelli