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Exhibitors by alphabetical index




Pad. 25 Stand A/107

Gallery Directors

Michela Zilio
Giancarlo Zilio

RossovermiglioArte specialises in Modern and Contemporary Art, directed by Michela and Giancarlo Zilio together seeking to share their passion for art. It was founded in the year 2002 in the heart of the Padua Ghetto with an exhibition dedicated to GRAV with Julio Le Parc. From the very beginning, the goal has always been to promote artists whom have not yet attained institutional recognition. Over the years, they have managed pieces by Mathieu, Christo, Vasarely, Beacheler and P.Halley having direct collaborations with some of them. In 2007, the headquarters was moved to Via Palestro and After a momentary pause, with renewed vigour exhibitions of notable artists were launched such as Biasi, Aricò, Stefanoni, Bonamini, Glattfelder Scirpa, Garutti, Nunzio, Mathieu, Surga, Turcato, Guzzetti. The exhibitions organized represent for RossovermiglioArte travels, adventures, research work to be faced with the collaboration of the artists themselves, trying to be always innovative.


Via Palestro 4/e
35138 Padova (PD) Italy
Tel. 0492320758
Web: http://www.rossovermiglioarte.com
E-mail: info@rossovermiglioarte.it


Ho camminato pr 4681 metri......
Alberto Garutti

Spazi di ferro
Giuseppe Uncini

Filo d'ombra
Paolo Icaro

Turbina Tascabilone
Stefano Arienti

Senza Titolo