Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index




Pad. 25 Stand B/2

Gallery Directors

Maurizio Rigillo
Lorenzo Fiaschi
Mario Cristiani

Galleria Continua opened in San Gimignano in 1990, on the initiative of three friends: Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. With the aim of creating continuity between the ancient and the contemporary, and remaining faithful to a spirit of perpetual evolution, the gallery has expanded throughout the world: Beijing (2004), Les Moulins (2007), Havana (2015), Rome (2020), Sao Paulo (2020), Paris (2021), Dubai (2022). Galleria Continua represents a desire for continuity across the centuries, the aspiration to participate in writing the history of the present, showing sensitivity to contemporary creative practices and preserving the link between the past and the future, celebrating the diversity of places, cultures, individuals and of communities.


Via del Castello 11
53037 San Gimignano (SI) Italy
Tel. 0577 943134
Web: http://www.galleriacontinua.com
E-mail: inquire@galleriacontinua.com


De la serie Puzzles: Esquina San Lázaro
Carlos Garaicoa

L’inesplosa casella
Arcangelo Sassolino

- Ornaghi & Prestinari