Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index




Pad. 25 Stand B/44

Gallery Directors

Lea Ficca
Matteo Di Marco
Fulvio Ficca

Founded in 2020 by Lea Ficca and Matteo Di Marco, MONTI8 is a contemporary art gallery based in Latina featuring mostly young painters. Opened with the purpose of exhibiting emerging and up-and-coming international artists, the gallery has always kept its focus on South and North America contemporary Art Scene, exhibiting artists who had never exhibited in Italy or even in Europe before.


Via Monti 8
04100 Latina (LT) Italy
Tel. 3349110163
Web: http://monti8.com
E-mail: info@monti8.com


Adagio Of Spartacus
Nicholas Nell

LES Kid with Cape and Electric Homing Pigeon
Sam Bornstein

Flag Effigy
Sam Bornstein