Gruppo 70. Una guerriglia verbo-visiva

Gruppo 70. Una guerriglia verbo-visiva

Gruppo 70. Una guerriglia verbo-visiva
edited by Raffaella Perna
Silvana, Publisher
50 pages


Created in magazine form in a single 400-copy run – numbered for the exhibit at the Frittelli Gallery in Florence – the book highlights the current relevance of one of the most radical Italian art movements of the 1960s.
It offers a comprehensive view of the research conducted by members of the Gruppo 70, linking the works of some of its most representative artists and presenting their affinities and consistent aesthetic and political vision. Edited by Raffaella Perna, the project stresses the group’s crucial and pioneering role in the debate on the visual and social effects produced by mass culture during the years of the economic boom, as well as the hostile position taken by visual poets against the deviations of capitalism.