Pozzati XXL

Pozzati XXL

Pozzati XXL
edited by Maura Pozzati
Maretti Manfredi, publisher
160 pages


Catalog published for the Pozzati XXL exhibit at Palazzo Fava (Bologna).
Concetto Pozzati was a protagonist on the Italian art scene from the second half of the 20th century to 2017, the year of his death.
An internationally famous artist, his works were shown at prestigious exhibitions throughout the world, such as the Venice biennial, Kassel, Rome Quadriennale, Tokyo, Paris, etc.
He was a giant of 20th-century art and a key figure in the cultural life of Bologna, where he lived and worked, participating first-hand in the city’s public discussions. He was professor of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and the city’s Cultural Councilor from 1993 to 1996.
Son of Mario, grandson of Sepo, he became a reference point for new generations of artists. The family’s passion for art merged with civil commitment and deep critical thought.
Provocative and free-thinking, one of the few in the city not to passively accept Morandi’s teachings, he admitted that he hadn’t and didn’t love him, beyond the unquestionable value of his works. “I believe only in no,” he says in a documentary created by the Carisbo Foundation for the exhibition at Casa Saraceni to celebrate the centenary of Futurism. He had already exhibited at Palazzo Fava in the “BonOmnia 2006” collective, simultaneously with the Venice Biennial, and at the show “Bologna after Morandi,” to which he brought a spectacular installation consisting of 40 object/paintings from 1969, entitled “Dal suicidio di Grosz” (“From the suicide of Grosz”).