Sergio Lombardo. SCRITTI. Volume I. 1963-1999

Sergio Lombardo. SCRITTI. Volume I. 1963-1999

Sergio Lombardo. SCRITTI. Volume I. 1963-1999
edited by Simone Zacchini
Magonza, Publisher
568 pages


“Our painting is not protest, but narration of real events and judgment filtered through the Erlebnis of our existence in the everyday world; it is the recovery of consciousness in a civilization where every kind of normal or abnormal emotional reaction is taken for granted in the automatic uniformity of typical behaviors.” (Sergio Lombardo, 1963)


Scritti. Volume I. 1963-1999 is the first of a two-book collection containing the most important artistic writings of Sergio Lombardo (b. Rome, 1939) from the 1960s to today. The project, edited by Simone Zacchini, gathers all of Lombardo’s writings for the first time; from the start of his career, Lombardo’s artistic production went hand in hand with the publication of theoretical and critical writings. The two books are an indispensable resource for understanding Lombardo’s research and analyzing his view of avantgarde art in the past 70 years.