Mutina for Art: Maurizio Cattelan, BECAUSE

Mutina for Art: Maurizio Cattelan, BECAUSE

A project by Mutina for Art
Curated by Sarah Cosulich
With a display by Michael Anastassiades

Mutina partecipated in Arte Fiera with a special exhibition project dedicated to Maurizio Cattelan and titled BECAUSE.
In 1991, still at the beginning of his artistic career, Cattelan decided to “infiltrate” Arte Fiera and participate through an illegal booth. Thirty-three years later, in 2024, Mutina was pleased to contribute to the fair by creating the stage for another appearance by the artist. With BECAUSE Cattelan does not venture to answer but leaves the public once again without any certainty.

BECAUSE is a short-circuit that becomes tale, amidst broken rules and complicity.
BECAUSE speaks of rebellion and atonement, of troublemaker-heroes and radical fragility.
BECAUSE celebrates turning and fleeing instead of providing answers.
BECAUSE reminds us that authority is a limit, expectation is a burden, contraddiction is an antidote.

Conceived by Sarah Cosulich, curator of Mutina for Art, the project BECAUSE was an unexpected dialogue between two works by Maurizio Cattelan, amplified by the space that houses them. Protagonist of the display created for the occasion was the ceramic collection Fringe, designed for Mutina by Michael Anastassiades.