Alex Cecchetti

Love Bar

1+2+3 February
Opening hours: 17.30>19.30
Location: the Costituzione (main) entrance to the art fair


A collection of “stories to drink”, the Love Bar has existed since 2012, an apparition, a strange temporary mirage, a landscape bathed by the moon. The exchange of stories and drinks – made from herbs and local plants collected by the artist himself – takes place at the bar counter, a sort of proto-theatrical stage where the role of spectator and performer becomes indistinct. In this countrified, almost renaissance setting, Cecchetti has created a place in which the speaking and the drinking happens in the mouth at the same time. Every love story told will be rewarded with a cocktail, an elixir, a potion, or another love story. For it is said that every potion is also a story, a remedy or a question. People meet at the Love Bar on leaving Arte Fiera at the end of the day in a liminal area between two worlds, a haven amidst the flow of visitors in a mental sunset that never finishes.

Born in Terni in 1977, Alex Cecchetti is an artist, poet and Italian performer based in Paris. His artistic practice is difficult to classify. Cecchetti calls it the “art of evasion”. Invisible choreographies, phantasmagorical narrations, objects that produce experience for and with the spectator are all part of his modus operandi. His performances have been presented in museums throughout Europe, including the Centre Pompidou and Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the MAXXI in Rome, and the Serpentine Galleries in London.