Nico VascellariNico Vascellari


Nico Vascellari

Ciao Ciao Arte Fiera

1+2+3 February
At the art fair and in town


Vascellari makes the art fair the starting point for a journey across town. For three days, from Friday to Sunday, the public will be invited to look for an object that the artist has taken from one of the Arte Fiera pavilions and left somewhere around the city. The item could be a nail, a piece of wall plaster, or a sheet of paper. As is often the case with Vascellari, the objective is to trigger spatial permutation that turns the world on its head: an ordinary object taken from a place dedicated to art acquires deeper significance by being relocated to an everyday context, becoming an art object itself thanks to the active participation of the user. Visitors can take part in the project through Vascellari’s social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). The announcement will be made at midday and the public will have until midnight to find the object, sending a photo to the artist. The found object will be authenticated as a work of art and become the property of the finder, taking the form of a post-card signed on behalf of a creative collaboration: Ciao Ciao Arte Fiera.

Born in 1976 in Vittorio Veneto (province of Treviso) and now living in Rome, Nico Vascellari is probably one of the best active performers on the international arts scene today. His most recent personal shows include: MAXXI | National Museum of 21st Century Art, Rome; Palais De Tokyo, Paris; Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester; Accademia di Francia - Villa Medici, Rome; and the Estorick Collection, London. Vascellari also participated in the 52nd Venice Biennale; Manifesta 7; the 15th Rome Quadriennale; and the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale. His works are held by major institutions including: The Beyeler Foundation, Basle; La Maison Rouge, Paris; Kunsthaus, Graz; ZKM,     Karlsruhe; CSW, Warsaw; PinchukArtCentre, Kiev; and Le Magasin, Grenoble.