Photography and Moving Images, will return for its second edition. This section is a showcase dedicated to video and photography, the media that, more than any other, shape our daily visual horizon. They will be considered by themselves and in dialogue with other contemporary art languages.

This section will be again entrusted to Fantom, the curatorial platform created in 2009 between Milan and New York thanks to Selva BarniIlaria SperiMassimo Torrigiani and Francesco Zanot.

“The section combines the classical and traditional uses of the two forms with an experimental approach aimed at the study and observation not only of the subjects represented, but also of the expressive means employed.
Photography and video increasingly invade our daily life (both real and virtual), assuming a critically important role and creating an aesthetic, social, philosophical, and political elaboration of everything that surrounds us. They no longer merely record changes and mutations: they are essential agents of the transformation of the world and of our relationship with it”



Participating galleries

AA29 PROJECT ROOM (artists: Kyle Thompson, Tiziana Pers) Milano, Caserta, Reggio Emilia; DEP ART (Tony Oursler) Milano; UMBERTO DI MARINO (Francesco Jodice, Pedro Neves Marques, Sergio Vega) Napoli; GALLLERIAPIÙ (Matteo Cremonesi) Bologna; MARCOLINI (Aneta Bartos, Christian Thompson) Forlì; MARCOROSSI (Rune Guneriussen) Milano, Pietrasanta (LU), Torino, Verona; MARTINI & RONCHETTI (Lisetta Carmi) Genova; MC2GALLERY (Lamberto Teotino, Justine Tjallinks, Paolo Ciregia) Tivat, Montenegro; METRONOM (Christto & Andrew) Modena; MICHELA RIZZO (Antoni Muntadas, Katerina Šedá, Francesco Jodice) Venezia; MLZ ART DEP (The Cool Couple, Discipula, KällstrÓ§m+Fäldt) Trieste; OTTO ZOO (Paul Kooiker) Milano; PINKSUMMER (Luca Trevisani) Genova; PODBIELSKI CONTEMPORARY (Giulio Di Sturco, Massimiliano Gatti, Yuval Yairi) Milano; POGGIALI (Goldschmied & Chiari) Firenze, Milano, Pietrasanta (LU); SHAZAR (Giacomo Montanaro) Napoli; SPAZIO NUOVO (Marco Maria Zanin, Edouard Taufenbach) Roma; TRAFFIC (Mattia Zoppellaro) Bergamo; VIASATERNA (Alessandro Calabrese) Milano; z2o SARA ZANIN (Mariella Bettineschi, Silvia Camporesi, Ekaterina Panikanova) Roma

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