Every art fair has a bookshop: a democratic place where the prices of things you seen on the counter don’t discriminate between great collectors and mere enthusiasts. This makes it even more important for an inclusive event such as Arte Fiera. In recent years, Arte Fiera’s bookshop has been run by Librerie Corraini, a project by a publisher with an enormous catalogue (not just books, but multiples, too) and with a taste for everything that stimulates the mind.

What would you like to see in Corraini’s bookshop? What books would you suggest to other readers, just as passionate about art as you are? This is what we asked eight outstanding readers: not only a museum director (Luca Lo Pinto) and a critic (Paola Ugolini), but also an art-loving writer (Tiziano Scarpa), an erudite polymath (Luca Scarlini), a curator specialised in the history of design (Beppe Finessi), a visionary theatre director (Romeo Castellucci), an art and fashion collector (Cecilia Matteucci), and the show manager of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (Elena Pasoli).

Each of them has recommended (and introduced in a podcast) five books: essays and monographs on art, of course, and also, in line with their individual interests, books on applied art, anthropology, cinema, children’s books, novels, etc. Forty books which, taken as a whole, form a rare and unorthodox art library that can intrigue and stimulate even the most knowledgeable readers.

In agreement with the selectors, Corraini has made all of the selected book available on its websiteClick here for more info and purchases.