The various sections were clearly indicated on the map and by the signage in the fair.

Arte Fiera 2018 comprised of the following parts:  the Main Section with 107 galleries, Solo Show with 28 galleries, Photo, curated by Andrea Pertoldeo, with 12 galleries, and Nueva Vista, curated by Simone Frangi, with 4 galleries, for a total of 151 exhibitor galleries. As was the case in 2017, the number of exhibitors has been limited to enhance overall quality of the show's experience.

In addition, 22 publisher exhibitors were to be found in the connecting area between the two pavilions, while 10 others has been be located in the Printville area, curated by Amedeo Martegani, at the Services Centre.

On Friday and Saturday, the Talk Area was host the international conference: Between Exhibition and Fair: Entre Chien et Loup curated by Angela Vettese with Clarissa Ricci, Cristina Baldacci and Camilla Salvaneschi. The meeting looked at the increasingly close and problematic relationship - still insufficiently debated - between exhibitions and contemporary art tradeshows.

Sunday has seen a series of other Talks presenting publications, collections and special initiatives.

Arte Fiera aimed to provide an in-depth look into artworks and artists on show. The Modernity section was a clear example of this: a free extra-space offered to selected galleries to provide an insight of one of their artists on show. The term Modernity was chosen not as a reference to the ‘Modern Art’ of the early 20th Century, but rather for the original Latin meaning of the word modo, which translates as “now”. The Modernity section highlights any form of art production that is of relevance today, regardless of when or how it was produced.