curated by Angela Vettese, with Clarissa Ricci
February 2 - 4, 2018

In recent years, large-scale exhibitions and art fairs have become more alike, although they have been long considered two distinct, and to a certain extent, opposite formats. Establishing the boundaries between what, in the contemporary art world, is a cultural or commercial event presents as many complexities as the value estimation process of artworks and artists.

Production, circulation, and reception of artworks are, in fact, part of an osmotic mechanism, which allows a permeability between what is part of an exhibition and what is brought on the market. With distinctions, today’s scenario resembles that of the late 19th century, when there wasn’t an ethical boundary between culture and market, and institutions such as the Venice Biennale had an ordinary Sales office.

The conference intends to analyze the modalities and reasons that have led to the change taking place within the art system, where the differences between biennials and art fairs seem to disappear, just as when dusk settles, between dog and wolf, “entre chien et loup”. In these two days of meetings with scholars, curators, artists, editors, and gallerists, the discussion will focus on three main themes: exhibition strategies, the role of the media, and the circulation of artworks. To each of these complementary themes, a single panel is reserved.

Fairs and Biennials: A Couple or Sisters?
curated by Clarissa Ricci

Art Magazines: Privileged Observers or Instruments of the Institution?
curated by Camilla Salvaneschi

Impermanence: What Happens When the Artwork is Gone? 
curated by Cristina Baldacci

The results of the international conference will appear in a volume.

With: Gwen Allen (San Francisco State University), Bruce Altshuler (New York University), Lorenzo Balbi (MAMbo, Bologna), Stefano Baia Curioni (Università Bocconi), Stephanie Bailey (Ibraaz/Ocula), Suzette and Brendon Bell-Roberts (Art Africa), Cathryn Drake (Freelance Writer/Editor), Jörg Heiser (UniversitÓ“t der Künste Berlin/Frieze), Jens Hoffmann (The Exhibitionist), Jacob Lund (Aahrus University), Moky May (ArtReview), Jean Minguet (Artprice), Gean Moreno (ICA, Miami), Roberto Pinto (Università degli Studi di Bologna), John Rajchman (Columbia University), Antonio Scoccimarro (Mousse), Terry Smith (University of Pittsburgh), Chiara Vecchiarelli (École Normale Supérieure, Paris/Università Iuav di Venezia), Marianne Wagner (LWL-Museum, Münster)


4 February, 4 pm @Talk Area

Let’s Talk. Between Exhibition and fair: The Italian Art Market

Talk with: Cesare Biasini Selvaggi (Exibart), Roberto Casamonti (Collezione Casamonti), Cristina Casero (Università degli Studi di Parma), Stefano Monti (Partner Monti & Taft), Silvia Simoncelli (NABA), Federica Veratelli (Università degli Studi di Parma)