After two editions of renewed exhibition rules and structure, Arte Fiera 2021 consolidates its format and once again offers the Main section alongside three curated and invitation-only sections: Photography and moving images, Focus and Pittura XXI.

The Main section ranges from Italian Modern and Post-War art (traditional strong points of Arte Fiera) to contemporary research, emphasising monographs and curatorial proposals that focus on a school or a trend. 

Photography and moving images considers the photographic medium in a strictly contemporary manner: it is open to video and encourages dialogue between photography and other media.

Focus, introduced in 2020, concentrates on Modern art and Post-War Masters, with content that changes from year to year: the invited curator is free to choose the period, trend, and artistic school to be presented.

Pittura XXI, it too in its second edition, is a first for any art fair (Italian or foreign), presenting a panorama of 21st Italian and international painting, ranging from emerging talents to mid-career artists.